How to store object in Database (Oracle 8.0.5)?

How to store object in Database (Oracle 8.0.5)?

Post by saksh.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

How to store object in Oracle 8.0.5?
         create type obj1 as object(
         num number,
         den  number,
         result number,
         member procedure plus);
         create type body obj1 as
         member procedure plus is
         end plus;

        How to initialize instance of object type obj1 in Database
        and not store in table.( ex.  create table obj_instance  of obj1; ).

        Does anyone know the way to solve this problem?
        Thank you for an attention to this message.

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1. mmmyql driver doesn't store a vector object in mysql database (changes serialized object string)


i'd appreciate any help on the problem i keep having since i'm running
out ouf ideas.
i tried to store a vector object using the mmmysql driver 1.2 and 2.0pre
in a mysql database (win32 version 3.21).
as you can imagine, the serialized vector object contains a lot of
unusual ascii characters. when i write the object to a file and read it
in using "load infile .." mysql inserts it without any problems.
using the drivers setObject() or setBinaryStream() methods not a single
character of the object reaches the database, just two ascii signs (not
contained in the serialized object string) and a lot of spaces.
to make it even worse, a result query (ResultSet rs
= executeQuery("select * from tableX")) to select this row doesn't even

if anyone could help me, i'd be glad.

thanks in advance,


PS: i tried the original "store objects in database for persistence"
example in with the same result

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