SQL Loader error: SQL*Loader-282

SQL Loader error: SQL*Loader-282

Post by Benetnas » Tue, 19 Jun 2001 21:16:06


I'm trying to load some data using SQL*Loader & am getting the
following error message:

SQL*Loader-282: unable to locate character set handle for character
set ID (0)

I had a look on The Net for information about this, and found the

"Cause: SQL*Loader could not find the character set handle for the
given character set ID.

Action: The character set ID was obtained from the database server,
the SQL*Loader client does not have knowledge of the given character
set ID. Possible mismatch of NLS data on the client and server side."

However, the action is so vague, I really haven't got a clue as how to
combat the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem and can
suggest a solution? (I'm trying to run it through Windoze onto the
Oracle database which is on a Sun, which is probably where the problem

Thanks for any help,



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Client: WinNT, Version 8.0.4, NLS_LANGUAGE=german, NLS_TERRITORY=america

Server: WinNT, Version 7.3.2, NLS_LANGUAGE=german, NLS_TERRITORY=germany

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Can anyone help me?

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