How to recover user database from rman

How to recover user database from rman

Post by David Xia » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

1.User database U1 complete backupset by rman and promary
  catalog database

2.Primary catalog database P1 is down.

3.Secondary catalog database S1 have to do point-in-time recovery and
  lost U1's latest database backupsets' info.

4.User database U1 is down and need complete recovery by rman.

5.Now user database U1 has latest backupsets available but secondary
  catalog database S1 does not have corresponding information inside.

From oracle8i RMAN manual, oracle said you can not use catalog command
to add additional backupset.

I am using oracle8i for primary and secondary catalog databases and user
database could be oracle 8.0.x/8.1.x. Backup media is disk and legato
network. OS is sun solarie 2.6.

I appreciate you help.

David Xiao

Oracle DBA & OCP 7.3/8

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1. Recover using RMAN with NOCATALOG option

Hi All,
I use rman utility to make daily a full database backup using the following
without using recovery catalog(NOCALATOG option):
  allocate channel d1 type disk;
  backup full format '/RMANBKP/%d_s%s_p%p.bkpdf' (database);
  sql 'alter system archive log current';
  backup format '/RMANBKP/%d_s%s_p%p.bkpal' (archivelog all delete input);
  copy current controlfile to '/RMANBKP/control_full.bkpcf';
  release channel d1;

Let's imagine that all datafiles, control files and online redolog files are
All I have is rman's backupsets in /RMANBKP and archived redologs generated
since last backup.
I can restrore control file from last backup and recover database to the
time of  last backup.
But I cannot apply archived redolog files because there is no
information about them in restored contol file.
I think it is possible to apply archived redologs if I could extract SCN
from last archived
redolog and modify control file to have that extracted SCN. Probably I can
do it
with support from Oracle, but I just wonder is there any tools or strategy
to recover
database to the last archived redolog using above mentioned backup strategy?

Thanks in advance,
Edward Rusu

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