"not data found" error in replication

"not data found" error in replication

Post by Thorsten Kubi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hello All!

My environment is a Multi-Master Replication in 7.3.4 on
Solaris 2.6. We do not need error resolution methods because
the application only works on one of the DBs. Configured
with High Availability Software.
Everything works fine so far but:
Sometimes (not to reproduce) we get an error "no data found" in
the deferror view in the standby DB. Only the standby DB!!

Frank Naud said in his FAQ that you should not update
the primary key.
OK, he might be right and the PowerBuilder Application is
really very stupid. Powerbuilder creates only full update
statements like. update <tablename> set <PK>='SAME' others=''...
where <PK>='SAME'...

My questions: Can I reproduce this behaviour?
Why does that error not occur everytime?
Why is it only a problem in the standby DB and NOT in the
productive DB the user is connected to?

Any help?



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