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We have several current contract and direct hire employment
opportunities that require Oracle expertise. For further information
please email your resume to CORI TOLER and you will be
contacted as soon as possible. US citizens or permanent residents
preferred. NAFTA accepted.

Contact:             Cori Toler

Company:             Computer Management Consultants (CMC)
Phone:               (800) 447-2446 x1121
Facsimile:           (800) 262-2975


1. US-LA-Lafayette // Oracle DBA // Perm or LT contract

Oracle DBA wanted in Lafayette, LA.  Rate offered is competitive and
will vary depending on experience.  It's possible for the job to be any
of the following: permanent, contract to perm, straight contract.  Strong
candidates have the best shot at getting the relationship that they want.

Unix knowledge is desirable, but not required for candidates possessing
industrial strength Oracle database administration skills.  Our OS is Sun
Solaris and is run on major league hardware.

We seek candidates who posses experience in as many of the following
as possible: installation, configuration, backup/recovery, tuning, SQL.
Twenty five percent of our apps connect via ODBC.  All others connect
via SQL*Net.  Knowledge of ODBC is a definite plus.

As the saying goes, "Lafayette is the heart of French Louisiana."  We
are a two hour drive from New Orleans.  The people in this area are
among the friendliest you will find anywhere and the food here is out
of this world.  (Can you say crawfish stew?)  Lafayette has one of
the lowest crime rates in Louisiana.

Please contact us by either of the methods listed below.  You can either
send a plain text or attached MS Word resume or you can just let us
know how we can contact you (phone/email/etc.).  The phone number
below rings at my desk.  There is currently no voice mail on this new

Voice:  (318) 269-3358

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