Changing Oracle Portal Welcome page

Changing Oracle Portal Welcome page

Post by Krzysztof Binia » Thu, 09 Nov 2000 15:43:58

How can I change Welcome page ("Welcome to Oracle Portal").
I try change it with Edit Page but I can't see any effect.

How can I do it.



1. Oracle Portal Home Page Unreachable

Hi   All

Having  installed  and  configured  oracle portal 3,  I  am having problem
to  Portal's  home  page.  As a  matter  of  fact ,  I  can't  get  to  any
other  pages  either.
But  I  can  execute  procedure  in   within the  portal  schema from  the

I  receive  the  following  error  while  trying to  reach  portal's home
page :

     Error: You cannot login because there is no configuration information
stored in the enabler
               configuration table. (WWC-41439)

The  installed  configuration   is  as   follows:
               8.1.7  database  running  under  solaris (latest op )
               09ias   running  portal 3.1
               $ORACLE_HOME/lib  for  portal3  contains  libraries  from
                          $ORACLE_HOME/lib   for  8.1.7

Any  help  will  be  greatly  appreciated.


Arif   Zaman

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