Software configuration management of Designer 6i : good enough ??

Software configuration management of Designer 6i : good enough ??

Post by ted » Sat, 24 Nov 2001 19:24:23

We are working with Designer 6.0. For version controling, we use PWCS.
Now, we plan to use Designer 6i and his SCM, for the management of all our
objects, as scripts, forms, packages...

Did you have some problems with this tool ?
Are you satisfied with it ?
Could you give me your opinion ?

Thank you


1. Software Configuration Management tools

Is there any software configuration management tool which can help manage
ingres ABF applications and other applications in different software
development stages?  We are running VAX/VMS.

What tool do you use to manage the application changes and migrate
those changes throughout the whole software development cycle?  The
changes we would like to captures includes source code changes,
ABF globals (constants, record structure, etc.), other application
objects (e.g. VMS logical names, queues, db events, database
entry, etc.) as well as the status of each change (whether it is a

Currently, we are using Digital CMS.  But it seems CMS only manages
source code changes. We have reviewed Aide_De_Camp but find out it
will take a lot of efforts to customize their process model to meet
our process and requires us to develop scripts to perform some of
our very basic function requirements.

Any suggestions?

-Yaxiong Lin
Information Services
Mayo Medical Foundation
Rochester, MN 55905

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