South Texas - Oracle Certified Professional/Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

South Texas - Oracle Certified Professional/Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

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Oracle DBMS Development and Administration

Our client, located south of Houston is looking for a consultant who is a  
fully certified Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and Oracle  
Certified Professional (OCP) in both the Oracle 7.3  Certified Database  
Administrator and the Oracle Certified Application Developer tracks.  The  
MCSD should include Enterprise Development with Visual Basic and have  
also passed another language course (either VB, Java or C++), a  
Requirements Analysis and Solutions Architecture course, and a database  
course (either SQL Server or Access).

Lacking the above full certification, at a minimum, the candidate will be an  
Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)/Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)  
to perform db admin and development.  This will include having passed  
the following two Oracle certification exams in the Oracle 7.3 Certified  
Database Administrator track at a minimum:
Test 1: Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL and
Test 2: Oracle7 Database Administration.
Additionally, the candidate will have passed Exam 70-175: Designing and  
Implementing Distributed Applications with Microsoft? Visual Basic? 6.0  
and be a Microsoft Certified Professional in Enterprise Development with  
Visual Basic.

The successful candidate will be skilled in partitioning apps into user,  
business and data services, understand the basics of DLL components and  
services, integration between the business and data services layer and the  
basics of developing 2/3 tier apps.

This is a 6 month project with a possibility of extension.

soon as possible.  You can also fax it to (281) 591-0921.


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and I'm looking for opinions/experiences in the following areas:
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be well recommended, reading the reviews on - does anybody
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Many Thanks.

Phil Haigh

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