Help! OAS 3.0 with Dev2000 (Reports error)

Help! OAS 3.0 with Dev2000 (Reports error)

Post by Chan S » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

1.    I configured OAS 3.0 with Dev2000 1.6 on Sun Solaris 2.4. The Forms
Engine works fine.

2.    I am now configuring the Reports Server for the Web (both CGI and
OWS). There is no problem for the Reports Server as I can run it at the Unix
level by simply submitting "r25run". I am able to view the parameters using
"showenv" for both CGI and OWS.

4.    For CGI, when running a report, I obtain a Reports error REP-1800
"Formatter error".

5    For OWS, when running a report, I obtain this error "Developer/2000
Reports Server OWS Cartridge - Unable to communicate with the Reports

Many thanks.


1. Help on FTP, OAS 3.0, and OAS 3.0 Web Listner

Can someone tell me a way of bypassing a ftp problem that I have.
I have a web page that I like to ftp (upload and replace a web page in a
web directory)
Upon doing so, I get this following message:

          ftp> put right.html
          200 PORT command successful.
          450 right.html: Cannot open or remove a file containing a
running program.

It may be a PL/SQL call or Java Scripts embedded in the page, which I
doubt at this moment.
(since I was unable to upload html files that does not have any Java or
PL/SQL scripts embedded.)
it may be the way OAS 3.0 (Oracle Application Server and OAS web
listner) feature that prevent from doing so.

Are they any ways to get around to this.
(Unix File and directory permission are currently set OK and should not
be the cause of problems)

Now I have to kill a Oracle web listner, upload files and then start OAS
web listner , which is somewhat bothersome.

Any help is appreciated




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