Database Configuration Management

Database Configuration Management

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I'm interested in hearing the approach other companies take in
managing database source code along with application versions.  I am
currently working in a multi-schema environment ( 20+ ) where we often
have a few copies of each schema (with some prefix added to it) in our
development environments.  We currently keep everything in ClearCase,
and have tried labelling, but often, the source code becomes out of
date.  I have to admit, we don't have a very good process at the
moment and realize that, once we define one, it will probably help.
I'm wondering if there are some web sites that outline the "best
practices" and common tools used in the industry and then I can try
and put a decent proposal together.



1. DC-Washington-249698--Configuration Management-PVCS-ORACLE-MS ACCESS-Configuration Management Specialist-Intermediate

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Company    : CareerMagic
Website    :
Job Title  : Configuration Management  Specialist-Intermediate
Location   : Washington, DC
Job Type   : Full-Time Salaried

Member of the Technical Support Team which is responsible for CM Tools and
Application Release Management. Primary Responsibility wil be to support PVCS
Tracker and Version Manager administration and enhancement. Specific
responsibilities will include such activities as training users, documenting
processes, reviewing proposed tools changes, evaluating new tools, etc. Will
also assist other team activities as required.</p>

<strong>Education:</strong>B.S. degree or equivalent experience</p>

<ul><li>5-10 years CM experience; strong software skills, experience with
automated CM tools(change and baseline management) and familiarity with ORACLE;
excellent analytical skills,ability to write, listen and communicate
effectively, strong desire to work with a team.</li><li>Applications/Systems
documentation - 2 years minimum</li></ul>

<strong>Desired Technical Skills:</strong><ul><li>PVCS Tracker, PVCS Version
Manager, Oracle and Access experience; hands on database orsoftware development

Travel Required          :None
Educational Requirements :Bachelors Degree
Required Skills
* Configuration Management
To apply to this position connect to and confidentially
submit your resume and profile.
Contact Information:
Reference : _01E0JBE4B-B0118

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