can I have client install without nls_lang in registry?

can I have client install without nls_lang in registry?

Post by Glen A Stromquis » Fri, 25 May 2001 01:47:06

We finally tracked down a "mysterious" odbc error in an application to the
nls_lang setting in the registry. Deleting the setting in the registry takes
care of this.
We have the 8.1.6 client load via "silent" install when win2k is rolled out,
can we configure it so that the nls_lang setting is not put in the registry?
Failing that, can we specify what the nls_lang setting will be?

thanks in advance


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i hope some one can help me.
I have a  Oracle-Db Vers. 7.3 and NT-Server 4.0
In the nt registry on the Server and Clients i use
now i have an aplication for japan an i need AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL24UTFFSS on
the server and client. The clients are some with own oracle-DB who
import-export files. Other Clients only Network-PC's connect with net8.
The Oracle Language from Database nls_languagecharacterset is changed to
The clients who use WE8ISO8859P1 can not connect. TNS Listener error 12500.
When i change on server in nt-registry to WE8ISO8859P1 then they can
connect, or when i change on the client to AL24UTFFSS then i can connect to.

What must i do that i can use AL24UTFFSS and WE8ISO8859P1 ?
What happens with export and import is ther the nt-registry key importent or
only the settings in oracle nsl_languagecharacterset ?

I hope some one knows an answer an can help me



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