Oracle installation problem

Oracle installation problem

Post by Darren Smit » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Firstly, Im assuming that you have you kernel parameters set correctly.
Secondly, I would use the bog standard bourne shell for the time being (swap
it later after the install).  There have been occasions where the kron shell
was doing something funny.
Then I would check your umask.  Is it set to 022?  027 wont do.

Anyway... Thats all I can think of at this stage.

Hope it helps

> There is CD-ROM Oracle 8 Enterprise Edition Release for Intel
> Starting install script, I've got an error message "file not found".
> After a few
> time I concluded that the problem was in the  '\r' (#13) code at the end
> of
> all raws (DOS format) in addition to #10.
> I wrote a short program c.c

> #include<stdio.h>
> main(int par,char *para[])
> { char a;
>   while ( (a=getchar())!=EOF ) if (a!='\r' ) putchar(a);
> }
> and using bash command ./c.c  <scriptname >newscript
> I've got script that works properly.

> But while the Oracle RDBC installation process I've got an error message

> "There are still sqadef<SID>.dbf files in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/
> (/usr/oracle/dbs/)
> This indicates that there may still be running instances. You must shut
> down
> all database instances associated with this ORACLE_HOME before upgrading

> the server."

> But it is absolutely clear PC with only Linux installed. And more, the
> directory /dbs/ has not been created yet.

> Please tell me every ideas you have because I've spent a lot of time
> trying to
> solve it, but it was without any results.


Darren Smith
Oracle Australia


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Hi All,
         I am trying to install Oracle 8.1.6i on Linux Redhat 6.1(on Intel),
i have got to the point where i am executing the runInstaller
(./runInstaller) as the oracle user, but i keep getting these
Xlib:Cannot connect to the server...using  DISPLAY localhost:0.0

I have set all the neccessary environment variables particularly the DISPLAY
variable in the /home/oracle/.bash_profile as instructed by all the oracle
documents and other relevant documents but i still keep getting these

I have tried to set DISPLAY to localhost:0.0, i have tried
$ xhost +localhost .
my ORACLE_TERM was set to vt100, is that the possible problem?,.
Could someone with a working and successsfully installed  oracle system send
me a copy of their .bash_profile file.
Your assistance willm be greatly appreciated.Thanks


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