Oracle 8i, OWAS4.0 in a student lab

Oracle 8i, OWAS4.0 in a student lab

Post by Jan M. Stankovsk » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Using Oracle8i & OWAS4.0 on Solaris7 in a student lab (PL/SQL)gives
major headaches.
As you can imagine there are not only first class programmes and
therefore some programm/process are either taking to much time or are
simple runaways.
At first I played around with the Profiles and limiting the resources.
(The student grants execute permission to a specific user 'de' ).
First of all I'm not sure if  I set the right limits. Second I'm not
sure if they work at all, because still process can block the whole
oracle, so that OWAS doesn't service the requests at all.

  16 db file scattered read                        -2 WAITED UNKNOWN

Such a process let the OWAS refusing to answer any further requests

Then I get:
        20 library cache lock                       0 WAITING            
        39 library cache lock                       0 WAITING            

and         10 SQL*Net more data from client       -2 WAITED UNKNOWN
        27 SQL*Net more data from client           -2 WAITED UNKNOWN
        23 SQL*Net more data from client           -2 WAITED UNKNOWN

Killing those processes let the OWAS serve again  the requests.

I don't think that we are the only ones who uses such a combination for
educational purpose. I would be greatfull for any input or hint, because
now it is unusable.

thank you


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