Oracle 7 vs 8 and Oracle Unix vs Win/NT

Oracle 7 vs 8 and Oracle Unix vs Win/NT

Post by ton.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Being dealing with Oracle only a couple of days I've a very basic
Is there any compact compilation of features/bugs of and differences

(a) Oracle running under Unix vs Win/NT (performance differences,
specific installtion problems, available satelite-products etc...)

(b) Old and New Oracle Products (Versions 7 vs 8)?

Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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1. Oracle on Unix vs Oracle on win nt

I need som help figuring out the plus points of hosting Oracle server
8.1.7 on Unix as against Win Nt. We currently host our Oracle server
on win nt but desire to migrate to unix. What i am asking for is some
statistics/figures and /or benchmarkin links. Oracle support was not
able to give any help at all. They as they support both platforms and
cant promote one agianst the other.....
Very diplomatic..............

I am personally convinced that unix is a better option but need these
figures to convince the higher management abt the same.

With regards,

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