prompting user, getting table name, doing things

prompting user, getting table name, doing things

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Is it possible, within a PL/SQL script, to prompt the user
for a table name and then construct SQL using that table
name, to do various things?  Like grant permissions to someone
else, or even creating the table in the first place, etc?

What would be the easiest way to do that?


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I am currently working on a project for a company in Holland. We are using
Cognos NovaView against MS SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services.

There are two types of presentation that I have not managed to do yet. I'll
present them from the less difficult to the more difficult.

Both problems relate to the following cube:
There are the following dimensions:
Sold Date (Year-Month)
Start Date (Year-Month)
The measures are:

Problem 1:
I want to sum all Months prior to today, and include the months from
previous years:
To make this a business question: How many products did I sell in Period X
that have a start date up to Period X.
The result gives the product on axis Y and Sold Date/Start Date/Measures
(Nested on top of each other) on axis Y.
Take in account that I have no idea if in Period X all previous months have
start dates.

Problem 2:
How can I request for all Products that I sold in a period also start in
that period. I want to be able to see the result immediatly and not have to
search for the sameb period in the nested dimension.

Most obliged for answers


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