OAS 4.0.8 servlets init argument configuration

OAS 4.0.8 servlets init argument configuration

Post by Vincen » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have some servlet programs and I used to use apache web server with apach
jserv as the web server. But when I tried to install them on a SUN machine
running OAS 4.0.8 as the web server today, I fail to configuration it. I can
set up an application for Jservlet and the corresponding cartridges through
the OAS manager successfully. I've tested that with a servlet that don't
need any init arguments. However, some of my servlets require an init
argument, and I don't know how to define that in OAS.

In apache, i put the following line in the zone property file:

where <arg_name> is the argument name and <arg_value> is the corresponding

Does anyone know how I can set this in OAS 4.0.8? or where I can find some
reference on that?

Thanks in advance.


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Sorry if this is off=topic for this ng.  Pls pt me to appropriate place,
if so.

I just want to know to what extent Oracle Application Server can be
considered a Web server.  We know that, via a JServlet cartridge, the
output of a Java servlet can be returned direct to a browser, but we
want to know if we can do server side includes, using the <SERVLET> tag
in a .shtml form.  All the OAS documentation says things like "you will
need a Java enabled web server like Apache or Java Web Server"; not very

TIA for any offerings.


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