Schema Comparison 3.0.2 Trial Version

Schema Comparison 3.0.2 Trial Version

Post by Andrew Protaso » Sat, 28 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Hi All,

You can download Schema Comparison 3.0.2 90-Day Trial Version at


Schema Comparison 3.0 is shareware utility aimed to compare and
synchronize two Oracle database schemas. These are main features of
the program:

It compares tables, indexes, constraints, sequences, synonyms, roles,
comments, triggers, views, procedures, packages and privileges. Only
objects with differences are shown.

Schemas are defined by appropriate user names. They can be located in
the same ore in the different databases. In the last case program uses
database link to get access to the remote schema.

Utility can synchronize definitions of constraints, comments, triggers,
views, procedures and packages. This is implemented by retrieving
definitions from the source schema and applying them to the target. One
can copy all or only single object to the destination.

The synchronization can be bi-directional: you can copy some objects
from the first schema to the second and others in the backward direction.
This is very helpful when your have more than one development database.

The application can compare and synchronize table contents. Tables must
have the same names and identical structures. Synchronization is based
on the information about unique keys. Records with new keys are inserted
and those with existing keys are updated.

Search condition entry fields are widely used to limit data processing
amount. Prefix search is the most popular in the software. This capability
is very helpful when working with large schemas.

There are a lot of other useful features such as editing tables and views,
updating comments, compiling schemas, revoking privileges, enabling and
disabling constraints and triggers.

Utility user must have DBA privileges because program actively uses
information from SYS.DBA_ views and accesses objects in another
schemas. Usually I create one special user with DBA privileges for this

Program creates some additional tables in the connected user's schema
during startup and drops them before exit. They can be left in the schema
if connection to the server was lost or process was killed.

This software works in Windows 95/NT environment. It has simple setup
which registers program, inserts it's icon in the program menu and
creates folder. Utility has simple multi-window interface with wide usage
of data grids.

Application is developed in Delphi 3.0 and uses Direct Oracle Access 2.31
components to communicate with Oracle software. It is implemented as a
single exe-file, which directly calls ociw32.dll or ora7x.dll. There are no
any needs to setup or configure IDAPI or ODBC software.

Utility is shareware with 90-day trial period.

                Hardware and Software Requirements

The software is intended to work in such environment:

486 or better standard PC;

10 M of RAM only for the application (without OS or other programs'

5 M of HDD storage for the program;

800*600 or better screen mode (large fonts are preferred);
Windows 95/NT 4.0;

Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape Navigator 3.0;

Oracle client software for Windows 95/NT;

Oracle RDBMS 7.x or Oracle RDBMS 8.x (with version 7 catalog support

Local area network supported by Oracle.

                                            Andrew Protasov