database link problem from unix to nt (ORA-03113)

database link problem from unix to nt (ORA-03113)

Post by fillb.. » Sat, 03 Feb 2001 07:54:50

here is what we want to do:

1. in oracle 8.1.6 db on NT, define a database
to the ibm db2 connect gateway (using HS and odbc)
<this part work; we can get data bk from db
on the m/f>

    CONNECT TO F04625
    USING ''

(note: we also have set up all of the
requisites related to HS on the nt server)
2. create a synonym that points to a
   remote table using HS:


3. in an oracle 8.1.7 db on hpux, define a
   database link to the nt oracle database;
   <this also works; we can get to data within
    the nt oracle database>:

    CONNECT TO F04625
    USING 'srpapp15'

4. now, issue an sql like this:

   instead of data coming back, get these

ORA-02068: following severe error from SRPAPP15
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

in effect, we are doing two hops; one from
our hpux oracle db to the nt oracle db and
from there up to db2 in mvs (via HS and the
IBM DB2 Connect gateway).  each individual
hop works ok, but not used together for
retrieving data from mvs back to the hpux
oracle db.

if anyone has done something like this and
can let us know how to set it up, we'd
very much appreciate it

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database link problem from unix to nt (ORA-03113)

Post by Uchak » Sat, 03 Feb 2001 13:33:22

I had an experience which could
give some clues although it was not
like your situation.

Because of some firewall issue, I was
not able to do sqlplus over two hops
( i.e, from one machine to a second machine via an intermediate machine
( ALL NT servers ).

To keep the long story short, eventually
the solution was to add two different
network cards to the intermediate box,
where Machine1 used the first NC to
communicate with the intermediate box and
the machine2 used the second network card to communicate with the intermediate
box and thereby, Machine1 and Machine2 were able to communicate via the
intermediate box,


from Machine1 database

sqlplus> from intermediate connect


two were in
incompatabile segments.

Hope, this weird, meandering story
throws some light into your problem.
I personally won't enjoy going through this
convoluted situation any more. However,
a DBA's life is  going to be always full of
fun like this.



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Hi netters,
First I would like to thank suisum for solving the DBMS_LOCK problem.
I ran into another problem with DB Link.  The situation is like:

I created 2 databases, name them A and B.  And I create a user for
each, name them opA and opB respectively.  Then I created a DB Link in

Create public database link A connect to opA idetified by opA_password
using '';

where is defined already in tnsnames.ora

But when I select something from A using the following:

Sometimes I got error:

ORA 03113 end_of_file on communication channel

and sometimes it just logged me out of Sqlplus. Then when I log in
again and run the same select command it gives me

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ORA 03113 end_of_file on communication channel

Any expert can help?  I appreciate any help at all.  Thank you for
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