Convert LONG datatype to VARCHAR2

Convert LONG datatype to VARCHAR2

Post by Petre Alexandresc » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Who knows a function that convert long to varchar2?

I need this because I want to do the following SQL statement to work:

Select C1 from T1
Select C2 from T2

Where C1, C2 are of  LONG data type.




1. Converting a Long datatype to Varchar2

I am trying to do an Insert-Select sql statement with one of the fields
being a Long datatype.  I know that this will give me an "Illegal use
of Long Datatype" error.  Is there any other way of doing the same
thing without actually going through a cursor and looping through the

Appreciate the help and thanks in advance,
Ed Jao

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