TAF (Transparent Application Failover) and embedded SQL (proc) on Oracle 8.1.5

TAF (Transparent Application Failover) and embedded SQL (proc) on Oracle 8.1.5

Post by H?kan Winbo » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I have played a bit with TAF on a  cold failover cluster configuration
(AIX 4.3.2 shared SSA disks Oracle 8.1.5 no OPS )

I have had some progress, but so far transparent seems like a strong
word... ;-(

I think I have my configuration OK, since the OCI sample program just
works great,
and I can see that all applictions seem to be failing over OK as seen
from the server(s)

select failed_over from v$session

shows my clients as failed over OK

The OCI  client just runs along
( the callback function retries the connection for about 18 seconds,
when it continues fetching
from the same  select statement, great stuff ! )

An SQLPLUS session works OK if I do not touch it during the failover,
when it is fine
however if I issue any command during the failover, it crashes.

My proc program gets badly lost and the fetches after the failover
returns no data,
but the sqlca.sqlerror code is 0 ????

I am slightly confused about how to code error handling in proc for TAF,

previously I have had whenver error clauses, with  rather brutal
reconnects to the Server
in case of any error. I guess that with TAF, I have to relax that a bit
( I tried to just get rid of  all error handling, but no luck )

Anyone who can share some experiance on the matter ?
The only thing I have found in the manuals is that
TAF is supported for embedded SQL as of 8.1.5
Not one word about how to code,
I guess the writer belived in transparent ???


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