Oracle 8 Improvement?

Oracle 8 Improvement?

Post by Antonio Pascua » Thu, 29 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Could anyone tell me the new improvements, in a few lines, of Oracle 8 from
Oracle 7.3.4 in
the OCI area?.


Antonio :-)


1. Dramatic Oracle Performance Improvements! See Website!
Check out some of the white papers on this web site, including HIGH
IMPACT -- written jointly by Oracle Corporation's Large System
Support-Belmont Center and Imperial Technology. Oracle installed Imperial's
MegaCache-4000 Intelligent In-Line Cache system to determine what
performance enhancements it would provide on an in-house call tracking
application. The results were impressive and conclude that Imperial's
MegaCache-4000 provides a significant throughput improvement. Among Oracle's
findings were that the MegaCache-4000:

    Significantly reduced queue lengths
    Dramatically increased I/O rates
    Has the ability to allow many more users (going from 100 to 900) on the
system without degrading response times .

Incredible Oracle performance improvements (US Army got 20:1 improvement in
critical query response time) are documented in some of their SUCCESS
STORIES.  Not an inexpensive solution for I/O bottlenecks, but WOW!, does it
work wonders.

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3. Dramatic Oracle Performance Improvement! See Website!

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