Time arithmetic in Oracle & WebDB

Time arithmetic in Oracle & WebDB

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I've been scratching my head over something that I'm certain has been
solved several times before.  I have a table that has a column
of "times", that is, the real number of minutes that something happened
per day. For example, if I was a runner and tracking the number of
minutes I ran in a month, this table would look like:

Day  Minutes ran
---- -----------
1    45
2    98
3    37
4    102

and so on. Now, I need to generate a report which displays the time in
HH24:MI format. I thought, no problem, in the SQL statement for the
WEBDB report just use this:

select STATDATE "Day", TO_CHAR(TRUNC(RUNTIME/60),'09')||':'||TO_CHAR(MOD
(RUNTIME,60),'09') "Minutes ran"

which does work. However, I also need to generate column totals. I have
quite a few columns of this sort of info.

So, my questions are:
a) should I try to convert time? That is, I have successfully tried:
(60*24) ),'HH24:MI') "Minutes ran"
   But WebDB's total result for this column is 0. I *really* need
accurate times in the totals. Do I need to 'Add advanced PL/SQL code'?
What I'd really like to show is a total format that's a number of hours
that can be larger than 24 ":" MM. For example, someone might run
122:14 hours in a month.

b) should I abandon the convert to time approach and go back to
straight math, then write some crazy stored procedure to convert
everything back?

c) am I nutz for attempting such a thing in WebDB?

Many thanks

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William Murat

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