Advanced Replication : QUEUE doesn't start !?

Advanced Replication : QUEUE doesn't start !?

Post by sjimmie2.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


We're implementing Oracle's Advanced Replication on Oracle 8.0.5
Enterprise Edition and we got the following problem :

When creating a master group, adding tables to it and starting the
replication (state on both master sites is 'NORMAL' so that looks ok) we
get an error message that the SYSTEM.DEF$_AQCALL is disabled.

My first question is why is this QUEUE disabled ?  and the second is how
do I enable the QUEUE again from within the Replication Manager ?

(PS: I found out that I can restart it by using
dbms_aqadm.start_queue(queue_name=>'SYSTEM.DEF$_AQCALL')  but this is
not very elegant if you have your administrators using the Replication
Manager GUI tool)


Simon Verzijl

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does any one have any solution to this problem?


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