Running management configuration assistant hangs on w2k/9i

Running management configuration assistant hangs on w2k/9i

Post by Bradley C. Goldsmit » Thu, 21 Feb 2002 14:47:12

Hi All,

        Oracle 9i standard install
        Windows Adv Server 2000

        When trying to get the management server configured, it gets to the final
step and then hangs. I check in services and I can't find the management
service (but can see the oemrep service). Does this component get installed
before the configuration assistant is ran?

        Any help offered here would be greatly appreciated.



1. 9i Database Configuration Assistant hangs on windows 98

I installed the oracle 9i personal edition on my machine. But I got
problem when I try to create database by Database Configuration
Assistant. The Database Configuration Assistant always hangs on the
step of "creating and starting Oracle Instance". I setup the memory
parameter according to the Installation guide, but still have the
problem.  Could anyone help me? Please.

I also want to know how to define the "Domain" part of "Global
Database Name" on windows 98.

Following is my computer's info:
Pentium II Process
384MB Ram

Thanks a lot.

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