OK, maybe I was too tough on Intersolv

OK, maybe I was too tough on Intersolv

Post by Kendal Willet » Fri, 04 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Several weeks ago I posted a message or two saying that Intersolv's ODBC
support is pretty much impossible to reach.  Since then I've found that
there is in fact a phone number in the readme file that comes with the
driver (although nothing in their printed manual or web page), and 30
days' free support is included with each product.  

Once I rtfm'd, I called and got very good support, and eventually we got a
fix in a new release of the software.  I also got a a sort of concerned
call from an Intersolv person checking to make sure everything was OK, and
discussing some of the problems in finding the correct contact method and
so on.  

So, in short, I'm happy with the results, and I get the feeling they were
a bit bummed about my post earlier, so I'm posting this message for the
benefit of anyone who might be similarly lost:  look in the readme in
/opt/odbc or wherever you installed it; the 800 number will connect you to
a helpful person.  Hold time is medium - not instantaneous, but much
better than Oracle's.  Hold music is Jazz.

I've also invited them to check and post responses in the newsgroups.
Nothing like a good flamewar to keep the * flowing.

Kendall "Solar Flare" Willets


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