Oracle Logfiles ??????

Oracle Logfiles ??????

Post by Fabian Panthe » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I keep getting errors trying to analyze oracle xlf logs
with WebTrends 4.0 on WINNT.
the referrer and user agent values are not getting evaluated.
besides, does anyone know how to keep oracle from writing those #fields,
#date, ... into the log file?

thanks Fabian


1. Creating Oracle LogFiles outside of Oracle Home Directory on NT ???

we are running oracle 7.3.2 on nt4.0 and are experiencing
"insufficient privilege" errors when attempting to place oracle log
files outside of the oracle home directory while creating an oracle
oracle tech support informs us that we should be able to do this and
asks if we have sufficient NT privileges.
we are logged onto the NT box as "administrator" which gives us full
writing privileges to all drives on the network.
any ideas why we are having this problem?

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