Willing to pay for Pro*C and/or DBA help

Willing to pay for Pro*C and/or DBA help

Post by k.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Right now I am involved in an Internet startup.  I am stuck in the role
of DBA, but I am very new at this.  I am also writing the interface to
the database for our application using Pro*C (although I'm open to using
OCI directly if necessary).

What I need is some sort of part-time consulting help.  For example, my
major 2 problems that I can't solve right now are:

   1) My Pro*C program is supposed to run indefinitely and it maintains
      on open Oracle connection.  However, it seems that after a while
      the connection times out if it isn't being used.  Next time I
      try to execute an SQL statement, I get an error message.  I have
      added code to try and recover from this, but then it seems the
      program gets into a bad state.

   2) My Pro*C program (running on Linux) can not connect to a remote
      database.  'sqlplus' can connect using the same connect string
      from the same machine.  The Pro*C program just segfaults (no
      error is returned).

If you think you can help with either of these problems, I would be
willing to compensate you for your time.

Likewise - are there companies out there that do this sort of thing?
Like per-incident consulting for Oracle?


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