Personal Oracle 7.34

Personal Oracle 7.34

Post by Carl Turne » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Anyone know where I can download a copy of 7.34 personal, I'm in a bind...

1. Connecting to SQL Server 2000 from Oracle versions 7.34 and 8.1.7

I am currently in the design phase of programming a CRM Staging solution
and have a problem connecting from Oracle to SQL Server 2000. The basic
scenario is this:

For phase 1 of the project there will be a Siebel database that will
look after customer creation and updating across four business units
with four separate legacy systems (two on Oracle and two on SQL Server).
When a customer record is created/ updated in Siebel it will pass a
record to the staging database which in turn will determine which legacy
system/s need to be updated. A trigger will fire a stored procedure that
will send the data to the chosen legacy system. I have gained
connectivity to all databases using linked servers.

However, while the two SQL Server systems are able to communicate back
to us I cannot seem to find a way of getting Oracle to talk back to SQL
Server. I have installed Oracle drivers which enabled me to get the
linked server connectivity but our Oracle Dba cannot find a way without
purchasing extremely expensive software (transparent gateway) of getting
Oracle to talk back. Apparently Oracle will not release a new version of
the drivers to enable Oracle to talk to SQL Server. I tried creating a
trigger on an Oracle table from SQL Server but this does not work. I am
using the Microsoft OLEDB libraries.

Does anyone out there have any experience of this type of scenario or
any info as I am starting to worry about the feasibility of the project!

Thanks for reading, any responses will be gratefully received.


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