Low rates!Experienced Oracle Programmer(Dev2000,PL/SQL,Forms,Oracle 8.0) for contracting

Low rates!Experienced Oracle Programmer(Dev2000,PL/SQL,Forms,Oracle 8.0) for contracting

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The  following is the resume of Anita Razdan She is looking for
chanllenging contract positions
Please contact (510)744-4277

ANITA RAZDAN                        Optimal Network Resources, Inc.
                                                     Tel (510)744-4277

Goals:   Looking forward to a challenging work in Client Server or
Database technology.
I wish to be involved in all phases of project development. Wish to use
my skills in Databases and Web for delivering quality projects and

Experienced Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience
Extensive Design and Development experience in Oracle 7.0 using
Forms4.5, SQL,PL/SQL
Significant experience in generating reports in Oracle using Reports.
Created Web Page using HTML.
Significant experience in Client/Server environment
 Good Communication Skills

Computer Skills
Database:                    Oracle 7 with Developer 2000, Ingres, MS
Database Tools:          PL /SQL, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5
GUI Tools:                  Developer 2000.
Web Technology:       HTML, CGI
Software:                    C, COBOL
Operating Systems:    DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Unix, X-Windows

Professional Experience

Software Programmer, Wells Fargo Bank ,CA         May 98 - Till date.

Transaction Count Reports:This project was a part of Automatic Financial
Accounting System that reports the daily transactions in the bank. This
system includes various reports  which includes various loans, new
customers etc.These reports are also keeps count of various  assigning
units and groups.Each group can have many assigning units .
The assigning unit report has different categories of loans. As soon as
group changes,   total number of assigning units in that group are
printed and group wise report is having total count of different loans
for a particualr assigning unit and the bank wise report gives total
count of daily transactions in a bank.

My role in the project
- I was fully involved in the design, implementation and testing of
the     Transaction Count Reports.
- Created various procedures, functions, packages using PL/SQL.
- Used various exception handlers at various points of time.
- Database integrity was ensured.
- Stored procedures were created for the commonly used routines.
- Used SQL Loader for creating control files.
- Created various control files for loading the data.
(SQL, PL/SQL, SunOS 5.4, X-windows 3.4)

Project Programmer/Analyst,  Allied Rehab Inc. MI            Sept'97 to

Human Resource Management System. This is a very comprehensive package
developed for a Rehabilitation firm. The software package handles all
the HR related issues and policies of the firm. This package is divided
into various modules. The project had an object oriented design

My role in the project:
- I have been involved in the analysis, design, coding and testing of
  various modules.
- Designed various reports that gave the management an
  overall view from the HR perspective.
- Screens were designed and developed using Oracle Forms 4.5
- Used various alert messages in forms.
- Stored  procedures were developed using PL/SQL.
-  Reports  generated using various formats such as letter form,
master-     detail etc.
 (Oracle 7.0 Developer 2000 with Forms and Reports, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL *
  Plus onWindows 95)

Software Programmer/Analyst,Abacus Computers Ltd     March 96 to July 97

Inventory Control System :Designed and developed software for  sports
goods manufacturing company. The software was instrumental in
maintaining the stock of goods and order accounts of its clientele.

My role in the project:
- I was involved in the ratings module. It had a specialized feature of
keeping   the ratings of its clientele based on their credit worthiness.

- Designed and developed various Forms using forms 4.5.
- Used various LOV's and Records groups at various points.
- Created Staked Canvases.
- Created various blocks in a form based on Master-Detail relationship.
- Reports could be generated using various formats such as
  letterform report, master-detail report, mailing label report etc.
(Oracle 7.2 with Forms and Reports, SQL, PL/SQL on Windows 95)

Payroll System: Designed and developed a payroll system for the
employees of  Abacus Computers Ltd. The project computerized the DA
calculation, paycheck preparation and printing, time based salary
increment, PF deduction, loans and advances.

My role in the project:
- I have been involved in all phases of this project.
- Designed various forms and reports.
- Created various stored procedures using PL/SQL.
- Used various Form, Block, Item level triggers.
(Oracle 7.0 with Forms and Reports, SQL, PL/SQL on Windows 95)

Software Programmer/Analyst, Jamnadas Morarji Company          August.
94 to Feb 96

Share Accounting package: This package involved creating and maintaining

share holders information, certificate details, transfer process, split
process, folio consolidation, change correction, rejection, printing
certificates and many MIS related reports and queries. It is a
generalized package that can be customizable by any Share Brokerage Co.
This system reduces the need for manual and paper work such as ledgers.

My role in the project:
- Designed and developed various modules using Developer 2000.
- Created Property class and Visual attributes.
- Interacting Forms and Reports with parameters.
- Designed Reports using bind variables.
- Created various stored  procedures and functions using PL/SQl.

(Oracle 7.0 with Forms and Reports, SQL, PL/SQL on Windows 95)

Management Information System: This package was developed using Oracle
7.0 on windows platform. This project involved in maintaining Employee
database and the strategic information for the HRD. The whole package
was divided into various modules.It kept track of employee's personnel
details, his attendance schedule, what all benefits he used to get,
training that employee used to get to upgrade his skills. Maintained
database for all those candidates who applied but where not recruited at
that point  because of non- requirement.
My role in the project:
- Prepared various forms.
- Used Transactional, Navigational triggers at various points in forms.
- Prepared various reports based on different
  styles in Oracle.
(Oracle 7.0 with Forms and Reports, SQL, PL/SQL on Windows 95)

Masters in Computer Management

Available upon request