Importing Access 97 memo fields into Oracle 8 [HELP]

Importing Access 97 memo fields into Oracle 8 [HELP]

Post by Scott Cherkofs » Fri, 10 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone else had problems exporting Access 97 tables with memo fields that are longer then 255

We are using Oracle 8.04 and the Oracle ODBC driver ver When we try to export a table with
memo fields > 255 Access 97 locks up and we have to kill the process. If we delete all records with
memo fields > 255 then the export works fine.

The ODBC driver creates the Oracle table with a LONG as the memo field.

We've tried using the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle but it hoses field type by converting
autonumber fields to VarChar2 fields.  That's almost as bad as the crashing using the Oracle ODBC

Any help would be appreciated.

Scott Cherkofsky
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I got some trouble to put value into a memo field in Access.

My first try was :

MyQuery.ParamByName ('Field').AsMemo := sValue ;

And it works fine on MS SQL Server 7.0 & 6.5
Of course on Access I got an External exception EEFACE and my program hangs.

So, like help says I've tried :

MyQuery.ParamByName ('Field').AsString := sValue ;

The field content looks like garbage ...

Any clue ?


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