8.1.5, 8.0.4 and OAS 4.0.7 coexistence on NT??

8.1.5, 8.0.4 and OAS 4.0.7 coexistence on NT??

Post by Eivind Hodnelan » Fri, 07 May 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to install Oracle 8.1.5 Enterprise Edition on a Windows NT
4.0 Server.

Oracle 8.0.4 Enterprise Edition has already been installed on the
server, and there is a database on the server utilizing that version.
In addition  on the same server Oracle Application Server 4.0.7 and
Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0 are installed.

When I try to install 8.1.5, I get through some screens, but after the
screen "Installing Legato Storage Manager", a little counter appears
with  "Handling Net8 Client".
(translated from Norwegian).
This counter runs up to 91 %, then the installation collapses.
I get the following message:

jrew.exe - Application error

The instruction at "0x6ee37f3a" referenced memory at "0x0000003c".  The
memory could not be "read".

Click on OK to terminate the application
Click on CANCEL to debug the application

I have tried both to shut down the 8.0.4 database, services and listener
and leaving them all running before the installation, but I get the
error same message either way.

Anyone having any experience with the co-existence of these products on
the same NT server or any other hints to help me?

Kind regards,
Eivind Hodneland
Statoil IT


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Jari-Pascal Curty,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology-Zurich

Electrical Engineering Division

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