Oracle Database Administration Services Offered.

Oracle Database Administration Services Offered.

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Oracle Database Administration Services Offered.

Senior Oracle DBA

With qualifications:
        10 years Oracle DBA experience on various UNIXes, NT, and VMS
        Truly an expert
        References available

Offering Oracle Database Administration services on-site or remotely (and

Services offerred:

        Performance Issues
                Server Performance Tuning
                Application Performance Tuning

        Database Maintenance
                Installations and Upgrades
                DB Space Management
                DB ReOrgs (generally not available remotely)
                Data, OS, DBMS version Migrations

        Disaster Recovery
                Formally Documented Disaster Recovery Planning
                Simple Hot, Cold, or Logical backup specified
                Verified Backup Implementations
                Disaster Recovery Verification Testing

        Database Architecture
                Capacity Planning
                Requirements Projection
                Hardware Planning and Provisioning

        PL/SQL stored procedure/package/trigger design & development
                Legacy Data Coonversion
                Other stored logic requirements

For further information and/or contact info please submit an email to

Best Regards
Michael Leger
Senior Database Administrator