Free Oracle Exam Study Briefs!

Free Oracle Exam Study Briefs!

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For those you you who have used used our site before, we have added a new
discussion forum system to better serve you. Best of all we still have the
free OCP-Study Briefs



1. Latest Study Guides for Oracle 8i 9i OCP OCA exam

Latest Oracle  9i OCP exam Study Guide Pass

1Z0-001 Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL 131 Questions June,2003
1Z0-020 OCP8 to OCP8i DBA Upgrade Exam 83 Questions June,2003
1Z0-023 Architecture and Administration 151 Questions June,2003
1Z0-024 Performance Tuning 92 Questions
1Z0-025 Backup and Recovery 127 Questions June,2003
1Z0-026 Network Administration 126 Questions June,2003
1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL 111 Questions June,2003
1Z0-030 Oracle9i: New Features for Administrators 114 Questions
1Z0-031 Oracle9i:Database Fundamentals I 200 Questions June,2003
1Z0-032 Oracle 9i: Database Fundamentals II 244 Questions June,2003
1Z0-033 Oracle9i: Performance Tuning 244 Questions June 15,2003-NEW
1Z0-101 Develop PL/SQL Program Units 92 Questions June,2003
1Z0-121 Developer/2000: Build Forms I 123 Questions June,2003
1Z0-122 Developer/2000: Build Forms II 109 Questions June,2003  
1Z0-123 Developer/2000: Build Reports 105 Questions June,2003
1Z0-131 Oracle 9i: Build Internet Applications I 153 Questions
1Z0-132 Oracle 9i: Build Internet Applications II 157 Questions
1Z0-501 Java Certified Programmer 147 Questions June,2003


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