Help: How to get specific rows from a recordset

Help: How to get specific rows from a recordset

Post by Michael Haefel » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have the following problem:
We are developing a database driven website.
The users can query for specific records via a search form.
But depending on the users input the query produces thousands of records.
This results in very high data transfer.
To avoid this I want the database to deliver only ten records at a time.

You propably know the Oracle ODBC Test utility, where you can set a value
for the rowset. Thats exactly the functionality I want to implement.

Many thanx for any answer.

Mike Haefele


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I am using VBScript within and ASP page, running under IIS 4.0. I want to
get a record from a table (SQL Server), where the only information I know is
how many rows are in the table and the row number I want to retrieve.  For
example, I have a table with 10,000 rows, and I want to get row 4796. I
don't know what data is in that row... all I know is that I need that row.
Is there a way to query the DB for only this record? I know I could do
something like "select top 4796 * from..." and then just get the last record
from the returned recordset, but in reality the table may have thousands of
rows and I don't want to have to retrieve a large recordset when all I want
is one row.

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