Oracle 8.0.6 on HPUX 11, 64 Bit

Oracle 8.0.6 on HPUX 11, 64 Bit

Post by Joe Hopkin » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am having a problem with the connect from a Pro*C program on an
HP UX 11.0 (64 bit) while connecting to a 64 bit Oracle 8.0.6 DB.

The program runs fine if compiled for 32 bit, however when I compile
for 64 bit, the EXEC SQL CONNECT statement hangs (long, long time)
until killed (> 15 mins).

ldd reveals libclntsh is being called for from $ORACLE_HOME/lib64, and
no link errors or warnings are issued.

Did I miss a patch set somewhere?

Any ideas?

Joe Hopkins


Oracle 8.0.6 on HPUX 11, 64 Bit

Post by fro_do » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I don't know specifically what the problem is, but here is some
more info you can gather to help pinpoint the problem:

1. A stack trace - use a de* like /opt/langtools/bin/gdb.
Then either pass this info to Oracle Support or look in MetaLink.

2. Trace output - you can get tusc or trace from HP.  It will
show you the last completed system call prior to the hang.
Compare that with the same output for the working 32bit compiled
executable.  You won't be able to do a line-by-line comparison,
but you'll see a pattern and you can determine what the*
64bit executable should be doing.

3. Behavior when linked statically instead of with the client
shared library.



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