Oracle y2k compliance

Oracle y2k compliance

Post by Matt Adam » Tue, 06 Apr 1999 04:00:00

There is a white paper at
that lists Oracle y2k compliant products.  For Oracle7 Enterprise
Edition, the paper states that only 7.3.4 and greater is y2k compliant.

Question:  Is this recent news?  As recently as 2 months ago, I was
told by an Oracle rep that all version of 7.3 were y2k compliant.
What is broken in 7.3.3?  Tech support couldn't tell me.  
Is there anyone who can shed some light on this?

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Oracle y2k compliance

Post by Paul7225 » Sat, 10 Apr 1999 04:00:00

What is or isn't broken I'm not sure.  I believe it is more to do with whether
Support will handle Y2K problems related to versions earlier than 7.3.4.  

Incidentally, the White Paper does get updated and there are two little
problems with all versions before Oracle 8.0.  The work arounds are simple.
Download the latest White Paper and check it out.  One is relating to
incremental back ups and the other to columns in two of the V$ views.  





1. Oracle Y2K Compliance: Need Your Feedback

Dear Oracle Users,
We have a few databases running 7.3.3. We are in the
process of upgrading to 7.3.4 in order to make them
Y2K compliant. Also, 7.3.3 is not supported by Oracle anymore.

It came to our knowledge that even 7.3.4 is not Y2K compliant.
I have attached the reasons at the bottom of this posting.
Is upgrading our databases to 8.0.5 our only option?
I am kind of reluctanct to take this route.
What is everyone else in the Oracle world doing?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

7.3.4 not Y2K Compliant

"In Oracle 7.3.4, Cumulative Exports may not include the
correct tables for the first cumulative export in the
year 2000. The bug number for this error is 778615.
In addition, some V$ tables have VARCHAR2 columns which
include date related information.  
This does not cause any operational problems but may
affect any scripts which use information in these views.
Refer to tech support bulletin for bug number 817753
for workaround information."

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