Wordtech Systems R&R Version for Oracle?

Wordtech Systems R&R Version for Oracle?

Post by R » Tue, 27 Jan 1998 04:00:00

We have some users that are using this product to generate ad hoc
reports on dbf files (currently). Once the application database is
migrated over to Oracle will they have to learn how to use a new tool
or is there a version of R&R (from Wordtech Systems) that is
compatible with Oracle v7.3.3. Thanks.


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1. Arago Dbxl/QuickSilver and Wordtech System Inc

I'm posting it for a friend, please replyy to

Massimo Delledonne

I am looking for whatever available for Arago Dbxl/QuickSilver (Addons,
patches, libraries, tools, UI templates, Genifer templates, specific
groups, etc).
Moreover, for E-mail address of Wordtech System Inc (Orinda - CA).
Is there anybody able to give me useful informations ?
Many thanks

Tommaso Friscia

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