Memory build up in Oracle 7.3.4 Win NT

Memory build up in Oracle 7.3.4 Win NT

Post by tremblaymar.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

We have an application (.exe PROC) connected with Oracle 7.3.4/Win NT
sp 5. Each loop perform by our application cause Oracle to increase its
PGA memory by 150kb. This memory is never released by Oracle. Our
database server run out of memory in 5 days.

We have exactly the same application running on others Oracle databases
servers without any problems (same settings and version).

The first server has 2 CPU instead of one. We checked our open and close
cursors and we do not have any problems of this kind.

We would like to know if someone has already seen something similar.

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we're runnig OndWorld with Oracle Database on Prolinat ML5700 4x700 mhz Xeon
with 4 GB memory.

During performance testing, processor utilization go's up an stayed on 100 %
(all 4 processors!).

Now we believe, that the problem comes up, when the oracle needs more than 2
GB memory.

Does anyone has any idea??
Every hint is appreciated!!


A. Steitz

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