RAC Class Announcement

RAC Class Announcement

Post by Daniel Morga » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:09:29

The Puget Sound Oracle User Group's RAC class has been sold out for
February and the first half of March. Pictures from our January RAC
classes will be posted at http://www.psoug.org next week.

For those interested in hands-on RAC ... at each class student's cables
their own network, install and configure their Linux machines, install
and configures Oracle's clusterware, install Oracle and patch it
to, and finally test each cluster with TAF for fail-over. All
done on PSOUG's own NetApp F810 filer head with 2TB of disk.

Instructors, Kent Stroker of Oracle and I, donate our time teaching
these classes so the cost is just what is required to cover the hardware
lease and insurance.

The March class will be taught in 10g if legally and technically possible.

If you are interested in the classes contact Jack Cline at:

through Mr. Cline.

Daniel Morgan

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