2 nls_lang settings on 1 client

2 nls_lang settings on 1 client

Post by Geoff Reade » Wed, 21 Mar 2001 23:59:34

we have 2 applications which use different nls_lan settings (US7ASCII
and WE8108859PI) which we run on the same windows (all flavours)
desktops.  Both are using SQLNet 2.4, although eventually one will
migrate to net8.

there are about half a dozen different registry settings where this is
set.  Is there a hierarchy of registry settings?  is there a way of
pointing an app to a particular setting or creating duplicate nls_lang

This being the UK its a problem because we need to be able to print the
UK Pound sign so we can demand money of people.


Geoff Reader
Analyst Programmer


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Hello there!

I read all the messages in this group before I decided to post this
message, so please bear one more NLS related question...

My goal:
- export from a UTF8 database some tables and then import this data
into a UTF8 database

My system's configuration (both DBs):

(extracted from 'select * from sys.props$')

- system variable NLS_LANG set to UTF8
- in Registry, i have the following keys:


When I try to connect to DB to export, the sqlplus fails with error
ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified"

However, the DBA Studio works just fine...

Finally, when I try to export a table (only the table's rows), all I
get is:

EXP-00056: ORACLE error 12705 encountered
ORA-12705: invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified
EXP-00030: Unexpected End-Of-File encountered while reading input
EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

If you see something wrong in my settings, please give me a
clue...because I'm stuck! :-((

Thank you for your time!


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