An NT service with OCI cannot be started if a SOCKET module is added

An NT service with OCI cannot be started if a SOCKET module is added

Post by Sal Jame » Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:00:00

This seems to be a most bizarre interaction problem and I would
appreciate any ideas you might have about it.

We have an NT 4.0 service that includes OCI code. The service can be
started and runs OK unless we "add" a module with sockets defined in
winsock.h and rebuild it. We never even need to "call" the code in the
added socket module (although we'd like to) in order to get this

"Initialization of the DLL d:\orant\bin\ociw32.dll failed. The process
is terminating abnormally."

Perhaps the code in ociw32.dll is mistakenly linked to a function in
winsock.dll or maybe there's a delicate alignment problem. ;)

Thanks for any ideas on this,
Sal James  ADSI


1. NT Service with OCI Code cannot start with wsock32.dll code

This is a strange interaction problem and I'd appreciate any ideas on
how to fix it:

We have an NT Service that starts and runs OK until we rebuild it to
include a module that has SOCKETs. We don't need to call the socket
code -- we just include the socket code in the executable service, which
presumably causes the wsock32.dll to be loaded.

We get this error when we try to start the NT service with socket code
"Initialization of the DLL D:\orant\bin\ociw32.dll failed. The process
is terminating abnormally."

How could the presence of the wsock32.dll cause the ociw32.dll to not

Thanks, Sal James

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