Porting 32-bit to 64-bit on Sun Solaris

Porting 32-bit to 64-bit on Sun Solaris

Post by Manoj SASIDHARA » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi Friends,

We are planning to migrate our 32-bit application on Sun Solaris using
Oracle to 64-bit Solaris 2.7 using Oracle. Has anyone done this kind of
a porting? Thanks in advance for ur feedbacks on the same.

Best Regards

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My company is running a 64-bit version of Oracle on 64-bit Solaris7.

Recently, we have run into a problem with our application and Oracle.
The application vendor informs us about an Oracle patch that might address
our problem, BUT: The vendor is running 32-bit Oracle and OracleSupport
informs us that the aforementioned patch is not available for our platform.

We have raised this as an issue with the vendor, but the system owner wants
to know if 'downgrading' the server to 32-bit just to be able to apply this
patch(.!.)  can be possible.

First: Can it be done? (I kinda hope it's not..)
I'm quite new to Oracle and this whole idea appears quite stupid. Wouldn't
it defeat the purpose and advantages of 64-bits OS+DB? Wouldn't it be sort
of like teaching a dog to walk on two legs--possible, but not terribly
efficient..(Dog trainers: pls don't shoot me for this analogy)

Any insights appreciated

Knut E. Meidal
(Wannabe Oracle DBA)

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