Implement Oracle Parallel Server Option with Windows NT clustering !!!

Implement Oracle Parallel Server Option with Windows NT clustering !!!

Post by Shirley Kwa » Wed, 16 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

Does anyone know that how to implement Oracle Parallel Server Option with
Windows NT clustering ???

Thank you for your help !!!

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1. Oracle Parallel Server and Sun Clustering Options

Hi All,

Does anybody have any experience with Sun Clustering Software?

More specifically running Oracle Parallel Server on a Sun Cluster and
what is needed?

The problem we are having is with ordering the software!

Our Sun VAR claims that we cannot run the Oracle Parallel Server on
their hardware without purchasing the Sun Cluster software. And they
will not sell us the Sun Clustering software without first purchasing a
Sun disk array.

Now in the past this might be true but since Sun needed to provide a
critical piece of software called the Distributed Lock Manager. However
with the advent of Oracle 8i Oracle now provides this necessary piece of
software. Additionally will will be using Veritas for concurrently
accessing our disk subsystem very possibly Hitachi but also possibly

So the first question is do we really need the Sun Clustering Software
to run Oracle Parallel Server?

If so does anybody know of anybody who has been able to get around the
requirement of having to purchase a Sun disk array which we definitely
do not want or need? (It is rumored
that Sun will bypass this requirement for select customers.)

The question that we keep asking ourselves is that if Oracle supplies
the DLM software and if Veritas supplies the concurrent disk access
software then precisely what does Sun provide us
with the clustering software that we will need for OPS?

My experience with Oracle Parallel Server mostly comes  from working
with IBM AIX and HACMP the IBM clustering product. Using IBM AIX and
HACMP as an analogy the only
thing we would be getting from the "clustering" software after the DLM
and the concurrent disk access software would be some clunky scripts for
managing the cluster which do we really need?

Our goal is to run Oracle and OPS use a Hitachi or EMC as a backend disk
farm AND NOT
buy any more Sun disks.

If anybody has any insights as to how to do this would work from an
ordering, support, operational or any standpoint i.e. the combination of
Sun/Oracle/EMC or Hitachi, any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Please reply to me as well as the list.

Andrew T. Rodnite
Oracle Database Administrator
Webb Information Systems
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