HELP! ORA-03113 error

HELP! ORA-03113 error

Post by Dana Jia » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I got the ORA-03113 error in the application, we're using Oracle8i, OLEDB
driver and VB.

This error appears sometimes, and other times the system is just running

Any idea on this?

Thank a lot for any help!!



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Hi Everyone,

I hope somebody can help me with these errors.  Sorry for
cross-posting to non-Delphi news groups but I'm at a loss to why this
is happening.

I have a Delphi 4.0 client (with the latest updates including BDE
5.10) communicating with Oracle 8i.  Everything was fine up until
today. :(  Then I came in and our tester showed me the following
messages coming up on his screen.

"Lost communication with SQL server.  ORA-03113: end-of-file on
communication channel."

followed by

"General SQL Error.  ORA-01041: internal error.  hostdef extension
doesn't exist."

At first, I thought it must be something with his config.  So I tested
it on my machine.  And guess what, I have exactly the same problem. :(

The program was using a stored procedure to return a ref cursor from a
view.  That was pretty slow, so I spent most of the day converting it
to query the tables directly by creating the SQL dynamically at the
Delphi.  Still no go!

I then tried running the SQL for the original view (which is big and
has 4 unions) and got the same error.

Please email & post any suggestions as I'd like to fix this ASAP!
Email will get to me quicker.

Thanks in advance,

Craig Read...

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