Oracle vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL

Oracle vs MySQL vs PostgreSQL

Post by Daniel A. Morga » Fri, 08 Mar 2002 05:36:04

I'll up front-admit I didn't read even 10% of your very large posting. I am
responding strictly to the subject.

RDBMS software is a tool. You choose the tools that is best for the job. You
don't try to haul trees out of the forest on a motorcycle and you don't bring a
logging truck to a motorcycle race.

I see no value in the comparison referred to in your subject. The fact that they
are all RDBMS products is as relevant to the issue as the fact that logging
trucks and motorcycles all have tires.

Daniel Morgan

> Dear all,

>     I found this series of discussion in a forum and I think it's very
> interesting to follow, so I report it here. What I found interesting is that
> some developers use the implicit features of RDBMS without knowing it, just
> as system programmers using virtual memory without knowing it (remember the
> days we cannot load application larger than the physical memory we have!)
> The next thing I found interesting is the better the infrastructure stuff
> are built (network, RDBMS, OS), the less people is aware of their merit.


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One idea is encouraging people to make local mailing lists all over
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