US-MN Ingres Admin-to $70k--will train strong RDBMS candidates in Ingres / Will Learn Oracle

US-MN Ingres Admin-to $70k--will train strong RDBMS candidates in Ingres / Will Learn Oracle

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US-MN Ingres Admin-to $70k--will train strong RDBMS candidates in Ingres

    Be a part of a company that has sales in excess of $1.3 billion
and over 5,000 employees worldwide!  This global leader in the
medical device industry provides innovative, minimally invasive and
cost-effective products and services for the treatment of
cardiovascular and vascular disease.  This team is looking for an
  This qualified individual will be responsible for building,
maintaining and optimizing Ingres databases on the UNIX and VMS
platforms.  This includes production, development, and testing
databases for both business and engineering systems.  This position
will be a member of the central IS DBA team and have significant
interaction with application development and support teams.  Other
responsibilites may include support for UNIX scripting, developing
procedures used for data backup & restoration, database disaster
recovery planning, and SQL optimization.  This key role will be in a
fast paced environment and offers the opportunity to learn ORACLE
Database Administration.
  To qualify you must have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science or
 related field, 3 years experience in IS systems development, support
 or systems administration, minimum of 1 years of Ingres experience.
 Candidates with strong RDBMS background in other systems will also
be  considered and trained in Ingres.  Must have strong UNIX and or
VAX/VMS relational database experience.
  In addition, this company offers the best benefits you will ever
find... no kidding.... they offer a 30% bonus!!! 10 paid vacation
days, paid holidays, tuition reimbur*t, on and off-site
professional and personal development programs, on-site daycare, year
 end shut down (the week between Christmas & New Years the whole
company is off, with pay and it doesn't cost you vacation), 401K

  Reference #: 4698-1733

Nicole Burns
The NYCOR Group
4930 West 77th Street, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN  55435
Phone: (612) 831-6444
FAX: (612) 835-2883


1. US-MN-job $50-70K Oracle Developer - Development/DBA

US-MN  $50-70K    Oracle Developer - Development/DBA


This company is a household name all over the world.  They are
looking for an Oracle Developer to join the team in their St. Paul,
MN office.

This opportunity offers a lot of variety.  You won't just be doing
one thing.  You will be working with new applications and they are
looking for your fresh ideas to enhance these applications.  You will
 also be involved in SQL scripting and some reports, as well as some
DBA work, setting up and maintaining the database.  They are working
with Oracle 7.33 & 8.03 in a  UNIX/NT environment.

  Attitude is the important attribute of the candidates considered
for this position.  A professional attitude is needed, as you will be
 working with customers too.

You need to come in and hit the ground running.  This is a great
opportunity to get into a serious company were you can grow.

To apply, please send/fax/e-mail your resume and a cover letter with
your salary history.  You must be a US citizen or hold a greencard.

  Reference #: 5290-1852
Paula Funk
The NYCOR Group
4930 West 77th Street, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN  55435
Phone: (612) 831-6444
FAX: (612) 835-2883

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