Oracle Interner Directory

Oracle Interner Directory

Post by Dmitriy Pishchoukhi » Fri, 18 May 2001 19:03:16

Hi All.

How i can get schema data of OID.
I use Netscape Directory SDK for Java.
Send me code example.

Dmitriy Pishchoukhin


1. Import from Microsoft Active Directory to Oracle Internet Directory

It is necessary to make import of users passwords, groups of users and
members of these groups from Microsoft Active Directory (MAD) to Oracle
Internet Directory (OID) and to adjust synchronization between these
products importing changes from MAD in OID.
Whether somebody was engaged in it?
Whether it was possible to adjust it with use Directory Integration Agent,
if yes send, please, copies of files *.map and *.conf?
If is not present, as it was possible to decide a problem?

Regards, Vasily Poushko

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