connecting Procedure Builder to personal DB

connecting Procedure Builder to personal DB

Post by eyoun » Wed, 13 Mar 2002 05:13:48

Installed Oracle Personal 8i and Forms & Reports 6i

I started Procedure Builder
  File --> Connect
     Username = system
     Password = manager

I get an error dialog box:
  PDE-POCO11 ORA-12203; TNS:unable to connect to destination (additional
error: depoc 4)

How do I get this to work?

This is on Win2000
The DB starts up with the system and I can use SQL Plus to mount it.

*funny thing when I installed the Forms & Reports it installed a second
copy of SQL Plus which gives me an error message if I try to use it.
When installing Forms & Reports 6i, the cd gave me the option to install
a server for both the forms and one for the reports...I didn't figure I
needed them sense I had the database...the wording indicated that I
didn't need the optional servers.