RAC Deployment

RAC Deployment

Post by Daniel Morga » Thu, 29 Jan 2004 08:43:14

The Puget Sound Oracle Users Group is now offering classes in RAC
installation, configuration and deployment. 10g RAC classes will be
offered as soon as legally permissible.

The group is a non-profit and the instructors, including yours truly,
receive no compensation for teaching classes. The minimal cost of the a
class is entirely based on covering the cost of the lab's equipment,
insurance, and electricity.

reserve a spot: Earliest opportunity is March as seats fill quickly.

The class syllabus can be found at: http://www.psoug.org/racgrid.html

The current web page is being revised so check back in a day or too for
more. A working knowledge UNIX commands and work with vi are a
prerequisite. We don't teach with PowerPoint slides ... we do it with
our own NetApp NAS (not bad for a user group eh!).

Daniel Morgan

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1. Can I Have a 9i RAC and a 9i non-RAC Instance on Same Machine?

I have 2 IBM P680 servers, clustered. Is it possible to have 1 RAC/OPS
and 1 non-RAC/non-OPS instance on each server, running at the same
assuming I have sufficient CPU & memory resources, and separate the
correctly? Are there any limitations in 8i / 9i / OPS / RAC that would
I would like to have Server A (instance A) and Server B (instance A)
in a RAC
or OPS configuration, and Server A (instance B) and Server B (instance
B) in a
non-RAC / non-OPS configuration, but running SharePlex / Replication.
Is this possible, and if so, is it supported by Oracle?

Roy Speaker

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