Oracle Lite Replication - Java Client

Oracle Lite Replication - Java Client

Post by Ingo Wie » Fri, 19 Apr 2002 16:38:05


I need to write a Java Client for 9i Lite Replication which should do
the same as msync.exe for the start. Has anybody the source code for
this programm?

An other possibility would be to use the package oracle.lite.mSync.
Has anybody a documentation for this package, or does anybody know
which libraries it accesses, and where I can find them?

Ingo Wiese


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did anyone out there got the Oracle Lite Designer to work?
I get a short dos window which then immediately disappears.
And I can't connect from my JDCB/ODBC Java program to
the POLite demo database.
Did anyone manages that? I could then give more information
on the URL and driver.
Please mail

Kay Schulz

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